Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Online Marketing, Organically, for a Market as Strong as WATER DAMAGE REPAIR SERVICES 
<being your Long Tail Keyword>
will seem nearly impossible, at the tasks outset.
https://mediavizual.leadpages.co/waterrepairservices/SEO that Ranks your Water Damage Digital Media, to the Front Page, and stays there, allowing you to distribute leads, is PRICELESS. The impossible task of beating Google's Algorithm, and Ranking WebPage Posts, consistently to the FRONT PAGE, OF 
As proven by Google's Algorithm ERASING 99.6% of previously existing Affiliate Marketing Companies, previously populating the front page.
 GOOGLE, is nearly akin to Wizardry.
This small detail,  coupled  with the ongoing and steadily rising cost of Pay-Per-Click, is MORE than its own occupation.  

Ultimately feeding into the myth, that with today's new rules you can't accomplish EXACTLY the same Affiliate Marketing Dream, of dominating the aFront Page listings, of all major Search Engines.

Think about it there's only one front page and there's a lot of digital data being posted on the Internet.
 This leaves the only conclusion, to be the new catalog system being just like the Dewey decimal system, with big categories over small categories, and then more specific ones underneath those.
It's not at all that search engine optimization techniques no longer work, it's just that now it actually takes an organized, network and well engineered connection of the right, relevant types of digital media that reflect the concept and keywords that you want to show up for.
You can click here if you're interested in just getting IMMEDIATE visibility to search engine phrases, typed in, that directly identify with the success of your WATER DAMAGE REPAIR SERVICE or Affiliate Online Marketing Service.
Click here for those who would like to learn more about how you can accomplish the same goal by doing the work themselves.
those of you who want to know how the process works and why this is a legitimate, content driven, and long-lasting organic marketing system.
'Best Water Damage Repair Contractors' 

This example shows the local approach:
'BEST WATER DAMAGE Companies Miami'

#1 on Google for the Organic Listing Results for Google, to that Long Tail Keywod phrase in Miami.  In Video format, meaning that it can then be inserted into Owned Affiliate WebPages, to exponentially increase your Organic Exposure to that EXACT PHRASE, and soon to be, many more like it.

The ADJECTIVE 'Best' is an often argued topic, by my colleagues and I, that to this day I still cannot see, besides the obvious reason that it is a more directl, shorter keyword, why you would optimize your Handcrafted Digital Media for any phrase so generic.
By adding an Adjectivr we help ourselves in more ways than one....

1. Higher Return on ROI...... 
2.  Faster Chance of Ranking, within a less competitive and more niche specific phrase
3.  Until matey makes you more visible to more phrases, organically, over all because you can gain, over time, the visibility to shorter keyword phrases with you optinized media, but can't add a word.

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